May 14, 2014

I do not want to admit how many books I have read, podcasts I have listened to and discussions with mentors I have had that resulted in me taking no action. It’s sad, and embarrassing. Where would I be today if I had acted on everything I have ever learned? Wow, what a question. I do not like to make looking back with regret a habit. Just this once, pause with me and dwell here for a few moments.

Instead of learn-learn-learn-learn-learn-act, let’s work towards:


Thankfully, I am improving in this area. Two podcasts that I listen to regularly (Eventual Millionaire and Working Motherhood) have helped me significantly. They have a call to action at the end of each episode. This helps me keep taking action at the forefront of my mind.

I love learning. I am not at all downplaying the importance of learning. It is just my opinion that many people spend so much time in the learning zone that they lose out on opportunities to implement what they have just learned.

I recently was reminded, or re-learned, that I cannot do it all. Of course, deep down inside I have always known this. It is just very easy for me to think that I can and need to do everything that is asked of me. I am currently reading Say Goodbye to Survival Mode. This book assured me that I cannot do it all and that is okay. Because of this knowledge, I am taking two actions: 1) Practicing saying No and 2) Not getting unnecessarily disappointed in myself when something does not go as planned. Learn-Act!

Appropriately, I am passing a call to action on to you. The next time you receive new knowledge, take some time to write down action steps you can implement. Be intentional over the days or weeks that follow and act!