A bit about me

I love God, life, ministry, business, family, and friends.
I have an amazing man in my life who balances me out very well and keeps me loving, laughing, growing, and so much more. Dylan and I got married on 10-15-10.
We welcomed our first child, Karis Lerae, on 2-20-12. Daughter number 2, Ately Mae, arrived on 2-28-14. Our son, Graham Jerome, joined the family on 5-25-16. Our children are amazing.
I am competitive. I will typically only do things that I’m good at, but I am learning that risks are definitely worth taking. Adventure is something I am desiring more and more everyday.
I have administrative gifts. I love organizing tasks and crunching numbers. I enjoy mentoring – “big sister style”. I’ve discovered that when I’m struggling in my life the best thing to do is to look for someone who I can help. When I get my eyes off of myself and focused on the beautiful people around me, all of my problems and issues tend to fade into the background and God takes care of me as I do my best to bless others. My life gets better with each day (thanks to God). He has greatly blessed me! He is the reason I live.
I remind myself often that life is wonderful and I have so many reasons to be joyful. I am learning not to waste hours or days by over-analyzing or getting offended. It’s just not worth it. I do know there will be things that come along and hurt me in my life, but those hurts will always be significantly outweighed by the good things that come from God and the people around me.


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