I sometimes wish I would have chosen to study psychology. People are so complex. Rarely does the external accurately portray what is going on inside the heart and brain, in my opinion. I may be extra critical in this area because I’ve been hurt. There are some people I need to forgive. I don’t quickly or easily extend trust. I’ve digressed. Let’s get back to the point of this post. I would like to better understand how and why humans make decisions. Man, this isn’t really a good topic for a blog post. I don’t have any expertiese or insight on this subject. I just have questions. That being said, please share with me what you have learned about people. I’d like to hear about good, bad and ugly examples. Why do people do nice things for strangers? Why do people lie to loved ones? Why do people cause physical harm? How are some able to forgive what seems unforgivable? This is getting deep. Maybe I just need to see a therapist!


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