Homemade Baby Wipes

This evening, I found myself down to about half a dozen baby wipes. I have been meaning to make homemade wipes and figured now was a good time to give it a whirl. Keep reading if you are interested in finding out how to do this on your own.


  • 2 cups water
  • 2 tablespoons baby friendly soap (I used Daisy Blue laundry soap)
  • 2 tablespoons Vitamin E oil (again, I used Daisy Blue brand)
  • 2 drops Tea Tree oil
  • 6 drops Lavender oil
  • Empty wipe container
  • 60 sheets of paper towels (I used the 1/2 size sheets)












  • Tri-fold the paper towels

photo 2

  • Stack them in the wipe container

photo 3

  • Boil the water
  • Add the soap and all 3 oils to the boiling water, stir, remove from heat
  • Slowly and carefully pour the solution over the paper towels (Hint: I separated the stack into 3 sections, put 1 in the container, poured some on, stacked another section on, poured more and then put the rest in the container and poured the rest of the solution. I’m hoping this helps ensure all of the towels get saturated)

Karis helped me tear apart the paper towels. She did very well for the 10 minutes that it took to tear and fold them.

I had Atley in my arms as I began to make the solution. She quickly got bored and fell asleep. Here’s a picture of her and I while we were waiting for the water to boil:

photo 1

This was a fun do-it-yourself project, and very simple. I believe that making my own wipes will save my household money. I’m also happy that I know everything that is in a product that I use daily on my daughters skin. I have not used my homemade wipes, yet. I will post again soon with my review. Happy day!


2 Responses to Homemade Baby Wipes

  1. Mommajirele says:

    Great job, honey!!! đŸ™‚

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