Marriage and Money

I am in the process of developing a course for engaged couples on the topic of marriage and money. This is a topic that I feel is undervalued and should be a larger part of pre-marital counseling. Two people coming into a marriage most likely have significantly different perspectives on money. These perspectives are built from: parents, experiences in previous relationships, mistakes made, struggles overcome, successes achieved, spiritual beliefs, etc.

I believe that not only introducing, but digging into, the topic of marriage and money prior to getting married is critical. Money disagreements can cause a great deal of hurt. I believe a lot of them are avoidable by simply knowing what your future spouse thinks about the subject and having a plan as to how you will handle money together. A strategy must be made. You can’t skirt around the topic of money while dating/engaged, say I do, and then expect everything to just fall into place. MAKE A PLAN!

All of that being said, I’m doing some research on this topic. If you are married, please help me out by completing this survey ( I would greatly appreciate your help! FYI — the information above is repeated in the description of the survey.

I will soon be setting a release date for this course so stay tuned!

Finally, if you know any engaged couple that may benefit from this course, please send them my way.



2 Responses to Marriage and Money

  1. This sounds like it will be an excellent course. I agree that the topic is undervalued and yet extremely important. Since you mentioned doing research, please feel free to check out my blog on financial management:
    I hope you find it helpful and I wish you the best with your course!

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