Hello 3rd trimester

Yesterday marked my entrance into the third trimester of my second pregnancy. Thankfully, it has been another boring, uneventful pregnancy. Which is just what I was hoping for.

There have been some differences:
-Faster weight gain
-A bigger belly
-A big sister to talk & sing to that big belly
-Less energy and being quite uncomfortable earlier (due to me not being as active as I was with Karis)

Overall, the pregnancy is great. I felt kicks and hiccups earlier. All of my prenatal checkups have gone very well. Little lady Vangen #2 is on track with heart rate and size measurements.

My 28 week checkup is next Thursday. I’m looking forward to seeing my doctor and starting to formulate a birth plan. My doctor was not present for Karis’ birth. She was on vacation. The doctor that was supposed to take her place ended up having a funeral on the day I went into labor. So, I ended up with the on call doctor. All went well, but I sure am glad my doctor isn’t planning a vacation around my due date again.

I have some goals for my third trimester:
1) Exercise 4 times a week
2) Continue eating lots of fruits and vegetables
3) Reduce the amount of sugary foods that I eat
4) Agree with Dylan on a name by week 36
I’m sure there are others, but that is all that’s coming to me at the moment.

Thank you for reading my little update. The Vangen family is abundantly blessed by all the wonderful people we have around us. There is no lack of love.



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