Putting my competitive nature to good use


Photo courtesy of Naomi Jirele Photography

People who know me well, understand that I am a competitive person. I enjoy competition. I like winning. Losing bums me out. I believe this is a positive characteristic. It keeps me working and improving. It helps me strive for excellence.

With the exception of summertime city league sports, my hunger for competition goes unfed. I have been trying to find a way to feed this area on a regular basis. I believe I discovered a solution today!

Before I share it, I must say that my exercise routine right now is quite inconsistent. I’ll occasionally get on a good streak. I have a generally active lifestyle. Unfortunately, I have yet to discover a workout I love to do regularly. I believe the same solution for the issue introduced above will solve this as well. Two for one – Sweet!!!

You are probably thinking, get to the point already… Okay! I decided today that I will make CrossFit training the foundation to my fitness routine. Check this out for more information on the concept of crossfit — http://www.crossfit.com/cf-info/what-is-crossfit.html . This will allow me to always test my physical abilities, get in the best shape of my life, keep my workouts fun and ever-changing AND compete. I will measure the results of each workout (distance, weight, time) and try to do better next time. Thus, competing against myself.

I am very excited about this new take I have on both fitness and competition. I plan to dedicate future blog posts to my progress and experiences.


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