New perspective on goal setting

I read this on twitter the other day: You have not chosen an easy goal, so do not expect an easy path to achievement. (Chris Hogan)

Reading this gave me a new perspective on how I think about my journey from present state to celebrating my next achieved goal. As I think about my goals, I do not classify them as easy. In spite of that, in the past I expected the steps towards my goals to come naturally and easily. Why did I think that way? I don’t know that answering that will be beneficial so we’ll focus on my new way of thinking.

Art has never been a strength for me, but I took a stab at sketching out my new way of thinking about goal-setting.

To summarize:
1) I set fewer goals.
2) I take time to celebrate milestones along the way.
3) I expect roadblocks and distractions.
4) I admit that I’ll need outside help.
5) I don’t allow myself to get bummed out when things don’t go as I plan.

I am expecting this way of thinking to lead me to a higher success rate of goals achieved versus goals set.

Have you ever expected the path towards achieving your goals to be easy? What do you think now after reading this post? Please share your thoughts in a comment.


3 Responses to New perspective on goal setting

  1. mommajirele says:

    This is amazing!!! LOVE the visual! You seriously need to write a little booklet explaining this technique and how it works for you! Maybe keep a journal of the successes and add some of those stories as ENCOURAGEMENT to readers! INSPIRE!!!

    Its funny! I read through this and thought, Gosh, Nicole is SELF-COACHING herself! AND you haven’t even gone through any of our training!!! SUPER cool, hun! Way to GO!!!

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