Building libraries

I am a lover of books. When I was a child/teen, if I needed a break from my five younger siblings, I would grab a book, hop on my bed and get lost in a good story. Reading is my escape, but I also love reading to learn. Needless to say, Usborne Books and More (UBAM) was the perfect home-based business for me to get involved in. I became an independent consultant in October 2011. I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing their wonderful line of children’s books with my family and friends. I believe reading is an integral part of each child’s education. Therefore, I can put my heart into this business.

On Friday, May 4th my Mom and I had the opportunity to visit the UBAM home office. It was so fun to see the facility and meet the people. The CEO, Randall White, gave us our tour. He is a fantastic gentleman. As he told us stories and gave us our tour, it was easy to see he is passionate about getting books into the hands of as many children as possible. My visit to the home office definitely increased my excitement about this business. Here is a photo of Randall and I in a warehouse full of books 🙂

I sure do love building libraries! Will you allow me to be your book lady?


One Response to Building libraries

  1. mommajirele says:

    Yes! There is power in the ‘touch’ of a book. The first opening of it, the flipping of its pages, the intimacy it creates in you as the message is jumping off the real paper pages, and the coziness it fosters when coupled with a hot cup of coffee while lounging in pj’s on the couch!

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