Season of Work

Websters online dictionary defines work as, “exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplish something…” Dylan and I are currently in a season of work. We have financial goals that we are working hard towards achieving. We do understand that work is a part of daily life and we will work at some level for the rest of our lives. I say we are in a season of work because our priorities have been focused on work for the past 9 months or so. We have had to sacrifice other things (namely sleep and social activities) and push hard in the area of work. I do not necessarily see our season of work ending, but it will be slowing down in the near future. We will be adding a new priority to our life when our baby is born in February.

I chose to write on this topic because Dylan and I are both feeling quite exhausted today. These feelings have made me ponder this subject and try to put things back into perspective. Life is made up of seasons and change is likely right around the corner. We both have two good jobs that we are thankful for. We are faithful to God and to our employers and we believe that faithfulness will be rewarded. We will stay focused during this season. We will keep God first as we work hard. We will continue on in this season of work with an expectancy that God has bigger and better things for us in the future.

What season of life do you find yourself in right now?


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