My top 7 goals for June

In no particular order…

  1. Work smart. Improve at prioritizing the “work” in my life.
  2. Eat foods that my body will benefit from; eliminate processed junk.
  3. Exercise 4 – 5 times a week.
  4. Encourage my husband daily.
  5. Finish reading “Thou Shall Prosper” and start another book.
  6. Organize our office.
  7. a) Be mindful of my attitude and how it affects my quality of life and the people around me. b) Do a Bible study on attitude.

What are your goals for the month of June? I would love to hear about them! Maybe we can help hold each other accountable.


One Response to My top 7 goals for June

  1. Naomi says:

    I just decided this morn to not buy cookies, candy, or any type of dessert for 21 days. I also plan to not eat anything after 9pm. It may not be a challenge for most, but I have been a ‘night muncher’, and its gotta stop! You can keep me accountable if you like! Just text me between 9 and 11pm each night… lol!

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