Patient progress

Having debt is a huge pain in the butt. Dylan and I made a decision when we got engaged (December 2009) to stop borrowing money and intensely work on paying off our debt. Our progress has been steady, but slower than we would like. Solely looking at the mountain we are climbing is overwhelming. This journey looks long and painful when I forget to apply my faith to our financial situation. I get frustrated when thinking about the poor decisions we made when we were determining how to pay for college. I reason that we got ourselves into this mess so it’s our responsibility to get ourselves out. That is true, to a point, but I also believe that God is waiting for us to add faith to our works so He can help us move this mountain.

I often remind myself that it’s okay to celebrate the little successes. I am proud to say that over the past 15 months, we paid cash for our wedding and paid off over $15,000 of our debt. Please remember to celebrate as you get closer to your goals and always add faith to your human works and see what God will do.


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