Sugar fast

I am fasting sweets for the month of March. I have little to no discipline when there is candy or ice cream available for my consumption. It was really getting out of hand. I am hoping that this fast will result in my “need” for sweets to vanish. It is my goal to make ice cream an occasional splurge rather than a weekly entry in my food diary.

Is there anything unhealthy in your life that has too much control over you? Try fasting it for a month. Look for my testimony of success in the months to come.


6 Responses to Sugar fast

  1. Dawn says:

    I heard on NPR that Jack Lalanne gave up sweets completely early in life and he lived to 96. Now that is discipline! A month should be a piece of cake (wait sorry, bad pun!)

  2. Naomi says:

    Hey! Well, my issue, as you may know, is eating at night! Its like I let ‘down’ my normal defense mechanisms as the night goes on, then the late night snack goes ‘up’ into the mouth. I need to find something that will help me conquer this issue! Its just a mental block, or more likely, stronghold, that needs to be told who’s boss!

  3. Joan says:

    I need to fast from sugar as well. I had not given anything up for lent this year…started to dawn on me that I can not/do not say no to sugar and junk eating. I make excuses for why I can eat them and then find myself only eating junk stuff when I am not around other people. I eat alot of it in private. It is a stronghold. I would ask for any prayers you have to spare. Thanks

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