The five F’s

Hello there. I decided that it was time for me to start a blog. Now, the question is, will it be worth reading?

My name is Nicole Vangen. My husband, Dylan, is everything that I am not and we balance each other out very well. I love him more than I can adequately convey with words. I love God and live my life to bring glory to Him. My family is amazing and I am extremely thankful for all of them. I have rediscovered my love for books this year. I recently finished Linchpin by Seth Godin. I am currently reading 48 Days to the Work You Love by Dan Miller. I highly recommend them both. I love watching and playing sports. Dave Ramsey is my celebrity crush. That is a joke, but I do listen to him nearly every week day. I am learning to relax and take some risks. I love my life, but that doesn’t mean I am content. I am always striving to learn something new, sharpen a skill, capitalize on an opportunity or accomplish a goal.

There are five words that begin with the letter F that pretty well summarize everything that is important to me in this world. They are as follows: Faith, Family, Finances, Fun and Fitness. My blog will be centered around these five words.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you’ll come back again.


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